Begin the Next 150 Years Clutter Free!

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The count down has begun towards Canada’s 150th birthday on July 1st. Our city and the entire country is getting ready to celebrate our country’s milestone birthday.  Do you feel that you may have 150 YEARS WORTH DECLUTTERING AND PURGING TO DO?  The Oasis Movement wants you to use our Three Pile Method to purge your closets and drawers so you can get out there and celebrate and enjoy the Canada Day long weekend.

Ok so where do you start because you have 150 years worth of purging? We suggest you tackle this arduous task room by room, and separate all of the things you no longer want in your home into three piles.

Pile #1:   The first pile is for garbage and recycling.  This pile is for things which are no longer of any use to you, your family or anyone else.  Make sure you separate the garbage from the recyclables and if you are disposing of any electronics, computers or hazardous materials ensure you do so responsibly.

Pile #2:  The second pile is clothing, household items etc. which are in good condition but have outlived their use in your household.  The Oasis Clothing Bank is more than happy to take pile number two off your hands FOR FREE if you have accumulated three large garbage bags or more, or you can check our website for a Oasis bin nearest you. (See below for contact information)

Pile #3: The third and final pile are those items you do not need in your home all year round a.k.a seasonal items, and those items  you are holding onto to because of personal and sentimental reasons.  By the time you have systematically gone through all the rooms in your home you will find that this third pile has become quite large.  At this point, some of you will store pile number three in boxes and or bags and stash them away in your furnace room, or garage.  If however, you are like most urban dwellers and space is a precious commodity, pile three will end up in an off-site storage facility.  We suggest when storing your seasonal and personal items that each box is clearly labeled if not itemized and, that you store the lesser needed boxes towards the back of your unit.

Happy 150th Canada from the Oasis Movement

416 751 0553

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