Yes! Even Your Old Jean Jacket Deserves a Second Chance

10613565 - fashionable heavy wash denim jacket unbuttoned over white


Social media is  both good and bad; while it has without a doubt helped to develop a global community, one where distance and boarders are delineated, this global community is very two dimensional and artificial.  We the users control the narrative and that narrative is at the best of times is slightly skewed and at its worst a complete fabrication.  Audiences are assaulted by posts which depict perfect lives, where children are perfect, love is reciprocated and marriages are idyllic.  I grew up in a time when we wrote our deepest and most personal thoughts down in a diary which never saw the light of day , while this generation is posting thoughts and feelings with the purpose of  attracting a record number of  “like” clicks and “shares”   BUT heaven forbid you post something which the social media world does not approve of, get ready for a taunts, jeers and angry faces, sometimes the social shaming is so severe your social media persona never recovers and you have to delete yourself.  There are no second chances on Social Media.    In the real world (the only one that matters) no one is perfect, the sooner we embrace that truth the sooner we can begin living a more authentic life.  Here at the Oasis Movement we are all about second chances—Second chances for those who are on the road to recovery from alcohol and drug addiction AND second chances for your gently used clothing and small housewares.

Second chances are a privilege not a right, at the Oasis Addiction and Recovery Society participants have completed at least 30 days of sobriety and have made a conscious decision to reclaim their rightful position in society.  The founders at Oasis have created a safe, welcoming environment where anyone could go to relax, socialize and upgrade or learn the skills they need to secure meaningful employment. According to the founders “meaningful work [is] a key element in rebuilding individual pride, the human spirit and the will to succeed – to find a better life” The employment programs the society offers help each participant make the best of his or her second chance.

Your favourite clothing and small housewares also deserve a second chance, the joy these pieces gave you can once again be appreciated by someone who is trying to once again become a viable functioning member in our society.  More often than not, those people who have completed a 30 rehab program leave the facility with nothing but the clothes they came in with.  When you donate to the Oasis Clothing Bank your gently used and loved clothing will go directly to enriching the life of a program participant.

When you donate or host a clothing drive for the Oasis Movement you are directly enriching lives and improving the folks in your community.

If you or your organization/business are interested in hosting a clothing drive contact us at 416 751 0553

Be Well

Oasis Movement

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