DON’T CHUCK YOUR CHUCKS!!! Donating your old sneakers promotes inclusivity

Oasis Addiction Recovery Society

10878094 - red old retro sneakers

Inclusivity in the context of our society is the policy or intention of including people who might otherwise be excluded or marginalized, for us at the Oasis Movement this includes recovering alcoholics and substance abusers. Inclusivity was one of the things the founders Oasis Addiction and Recovery Society had in mind when they developed their programs, and those of us who support the Oasis Movement believe in this too.   For every gently used tshirt, ill-fitting sport coat and worn in sneakers you donate, you are unknowingly or perhaps knowingly supporting the policy of inclusivity within our society.

As we have written in previous blogs, recovery from alcohol and drug abuse does not end with a thirty day stint in a rehab facility, rather once they leave rehab the real work commences, the struggle reclaim their place in our society truly begins.  Oasis Addiction and Recovery Society offers a variety of…

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