Is they key to happiness your choice?

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Did you know that we are all born with what psychologists have termed a “happiness set point”?  What is that you ask? Simply put we all have a “set” or fixed level of happiness around which our emotions hover. This set point is largely pre-determined by ones genes, and various personality traits, however studies have shown that one’s “set point level can be altered by an adjustment in one’s attitude.  Sounds too good to be true? Not so, some psychologists insist that happiness is a choice, and when one chooses to be happy their individual set point can become permanently elevated.   Are you ready to maximize your happiness levels? Here is a list of five easy things you can do to enhance your own happiness set point;

  1. Choose to be in a positive environment and always try to surround yourselves with positive people.  Those individuals who have a glass half full attitude will help you
  2. Focus on the positive moments in your life no matter how small, for instance think back to the person who let you in front of them at the checkout line because you only had one item while they had a cart full of groceries.  Focusing on these random acts of kindness will always put you in a better mood. In the words of Sorne Kierkegaard “Our life always expresses the result of our dominant thoughts”.
  3. Be in the moment.  Focus your energy of being happy right here right now.  We cannot change the past and we certainly cannot predict the future, and by worrying and obsessing about these things we are effectively robbing ourselves of happiness in the present.
  4. Smile.  The act of smiling instantly improves your disposition and is contagious.  The next time you make eye contact with someone smile, more often than not they will return your smile, and now you are both happy!
  5. Let yourself be happy.  As simple as this sounds most find this very difficult to accomplish.  We have tendency to fixate on the things that are wrong or lacking in our lives rather than, begin happy with that which is right and plentiful.

If you are still doubting effectiveness of choosing to be happy we would like to leave you with this final thought…    “What we think we become.” Buddha.

Be well,

Oasis Movement


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