In the last ten years the condo market in the Greater Toronto Area (GTA) has exploded and, analysts predict that condominium construction will increase another 30%-40% in the next three years.  One only has to look to up to see evidence of this throughout the GTA .   An increasing number of people are choosing to enter the condo life for a variety of reasons, twenty and thirty somethings are choosing to live closer to, if not in the city because of the variety of amenities it offers (closer to work, entertainment, etc.); while empty nesters are cashing out of their large suburban homes and looking forward to condo life where everything is within walking distance and building maintenance is someone else’s problem.   Whatever the pro’s of choosing  condo life, the con’s are singular VERY LIMITED SPACE and, while the trend is moving toward smaller living spaces we as a society here in the west are definitely not moving towards a minimalist lifestyle.

In light of this growing trend, we at the Oasis Movement have had a huge influx of inquiries from property managers asking about discreetly placing one of our clothing bins in their commons area, or are inquiring about hosting seasonal clothing drives.

Picture this! It is spring, and the closet in your apartment needs to be purged.  You decide to spend your entire Sunday sorting and purging not only your closet but your entire apartment, because let’s face it once you begin this arduous task you can’t stop yourself.   When you have finally finished systematically going through everything you not only feel an incredible lightness but, you also have three maybe four bags of clothing and small housewares which you want to donate to a worthy charity.  The only thing now is to arrange for, or physically take these items out of your apartment or condominium.  This step more often than not NEVER happens the same day and as a result, these donation bags sit in a corner of your apartment undermining your intentions of keeping your living space neat and tidy. Now, picture this same scenario with one difference, the wonderful property manager of your building is not only considerate of his tenants but socially conscious enough to have arranged for an Oasis Clothing Bin to be placed on the premises.  Once you finish your purge all you now have to do is get in the elevator for a quick trip to the laundry room, or another common area and drop off your donations. OR  you are forced to put a weekend aside to purge your closests and drawers because the clothing drive ends on Monday morning… some people need a deadline!    No phone calls, no trudging through the elements to make sure your gently used clothing helps make someone else’s existence a little more tolerable

As a property manager this is a win, win scenario! Your tenants come away thinking you are a rock star! You and your team have proven that you NOT ONLY are exceptional at maintaining the property BUT have now exhibited your ability to ANTICPATE YOUR TENANTS NEEDS.  This talent goes a long way when renegotiating your service contract with the property owners.  The Oasis Clothing Bank has a stellar reputation through out the GTA, we routinely empty and ensure ALL  our clothing bins are clean, safe and presentable. If however, you don’t want to commit to a bin right away then hositng a clothing drive is the option for you.   Call us at 416 751 0553 for more information on either option.

Thank you for helping us enrich lives and improve communities.

Be Well

Oasis Movement

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