Kick the Winter Blahs by Hosting a Clothing Drive!



We said goodbye to January last week, and as we enter the second month of the year we find ourselves struggling to get through another month of winter.  We have a great way to help you and your friends co workers etc.,  motor through the last few months of winter.  Host a clothing drive!  While this sounds like a huge endeavour nothing can be further from the truth, its not only effortless but you will be instrumental in supporting participants of the Oasis Addiction Recovery porgrams and thier families.

While hosting one of our clothing drives is relatively simply there are a few things we suggest you take care of before you get started:

1.) ALWAYS OBTAIN APPROVAL –  If you are planning to host a drive at your work, social club, church etc. you must get approval to hold the drive.


3.) CALL THE OASIS CLOTHING BANK . This will give us time to schedule bin drop off and pick date.  We require 2 weeks notice to accomodate your request.

4.) ADVERTISE ADVERTISE ADVERTISE- Promote your event on social media, emails, flyers, etc- the more advertising the greater the success of your drive.

5.) WHAT TO DONATE- You must give people an idea of items you are looking to collect. The Oasis Clothing Bank accepts all manner of gentley used clothing and small housewares, go to for a detailed list.

6.) SET A DEADLINE- All good things must come to an end and timely gentley reminders about the apporaching deadline will motivate people to donate.

7.) CALL US AT 416 751 9553 to confirm pick up OR  bring your donations to our offices                at,      60 CARNFORTH DR                                                                                                                                            TORONTO, ONTARIO                                                                                                                                        M4A 2K7                                                                                                                                                               MON – FRI 9AM -4PM

If you do drop off your donations come in and say hello, we would love to meet you!

Good Luck

Be Well

Oasis Movement




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