Get Healthy Without Breaking a Sweat!



Did you resolve to get healthier this year? Did you know that you could keep your resolution without going to the gym?  Without even breaking a sweat?    There are countless scientific experiments that measure the relationship between the act of giving and our physical and mental well being.  The simple act of giving activates regions in our brain with which we  associate pleasure, and this releases the feel good hormone oxytocin; this euphoric feeling is referred to as the “helper high.”  But beyond this,  scientists go on to say that the “helper high” has positive effects on our physical health and longevity.  The act of giving can actually reduce stress,  and in case you haven’t noticed the health and wellness industry has declared a war on stress.  Health care professionals are recommending we  must begin to regularly meditate, practice yoga, and lighten our workloads in order to  decrease the dangerous levels of stress in our bodies. Businesses are taking this seriously,  and are directing  their employees to take personal time in order to decompress from the pressures of their jobs.  This practise would also yield greater productivity, less sick leave and disability claims.
There have been studies that further go on to suggest that being “giving and unselfish”  will actually help you live longer.  Researchers from the University at Buffalo have made a positive  connection between the act of giving and mortality rates.  “Our conclusion is that helping others reduced mortality specifically by buffering the association between stress and mortality. ”
In light of these findings, perhaps now is the time to revise your resolution,  this year you should strive to be more healthier by being giving and unselfish. The Oasis Movement can help you on the path of better health, call us at 416 751 0553 to arrange a free pick up of you gentley used clothing and small housewares, or go to for the Oasis bin nearest you.

“5 Ways Giving is Good for You”, Jason Marsh and Jill  Suttee, Dec 13, 2010.
“Giving May Shield us from Stress and Help us Live Longer”, Medical Newsday, Feb 8, 2013.

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