Are You Really Going To Miss It?





Happy New Year folks! We hope this new year is filled with health, happiness, and prosperity.   It’s the time of year when we all sit down and reflect upon the last twelve months and resovlve to do better in the new year.  I have a friend – Gennie  whom I’ve known most of my adult life, and each year she picks one resolution to focus on for the coming year.  Gennie is the only person I know who keeps her resolution well past the month of January.  I met Gennie, in a first year philosophy course in university, and I quickly learned that even back then she was something of a hoarder, compulsivley holding onto every syllabus, rough essay notes, bits of erasers and spent highlighters and pens.  I could never understand why all this stuff ment so much to her — thankfully today I am more wiser, I am proud to say she has come a long way in the last 20 years and can let go of things alot easier and finds herself in a better place.  The only area in which she hasn’t been able to let go is her clothing! Just to give you a better idea of how bad she is, her office held an ugly sweater contest this year and instead of running to a thrift store to look for a cheap and ugly sweater she simply went into her garage grabbed the plastic tote labled “Ugly sweaters from the “80’s.  Gennie won first place for her sweater which used angora, rhinstones, pearls and bits of mirror, and she will continue to win first place each year for the next twenty years without duplication!

Most of us are not sitting on decades of clothing purchases, but we do own an excess of clothing nonetheless.   We live in a time of fast fashion, where fashionable clothing is afforadable and widely available and we find ourselves buying clothing for ourselves and our familiy often.  Retail stores are constantly slashing prices and we find it hard walk away from these amazing deals.  The result is stockpiling our closets and drawers with clothing that loses it functionality with lightening speed, and each year we go through these closets and drawers purging and cleaning.   For Gennie this process was a little harder, she had a difficult time parting with her ugly sweaters, and workout clothes from the last century.  I found that whenever Gennie would weaken in her resolve I would ask her one simple question “Are you going to miss it?”,  at first she would hestitate and say “yes”- if you have to think about it, then you won’t!   As we went through all her stuff the process got easier, until we reached the ugly sweater tote.  Gennie refused to let these go, and maintained that holding on to them all these years paid off this year when she needed an ugly sweater.  Sometimes, you have to pick your battles, and I let her have her tote of ugly sweaters.  The clothing she could part with amounted to 5 garbage bags, and was going to picked up by the Oasis Clothing Bank.   Gennie chose the Oasis Movement because she knows that what she donates will directly benefit a participant of the Oasis Addiction and Recovery Program; she feels that her “sacrifce” will serve a higher purpose – helping a former alcoholic or drug addict relcaim their place in society.

If you would like to see your clothing and small housewares make a difference in someones life contact us at 416 751 0553 or go to for an Oasis Clothing bin nearest you.

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