Halloween Candy Addiction? We Can Help



Happy Halloween!!!!  Tonight is the night when scores of little ghouls and gobblins will come knocking on your door yelling the tradtional “Trick or Treat”, or if you still have young children you will be getting ready to do the door knocking.   At the end of this much anticipated nigtht and in the days to come there will come a time when your kids’ haul has been picked over and what’s left are the weird and yucky candies (for me those are molasses kisses); and yet, even though you don’t particularly care for these treats and at any other time of year would find them repulsive, you cannot stop yourself from eating them.   This is because you, me,  and everyone else is will be in the grips of what I call Halloween Candy Addiction or HCA and, no matter how much will power you think you possess it is not enough to overcome the opiate like effects refined sugar has on your body.  In general, our bodies are not built to metabolized refined sugar or any kind of processed foods for that matter, and therefore when we eat sugar in any amounts our bodies experience euphoric highs followed by crushing lows.  We have some tips to help you recover from HCA,

  • Stop rewarding yourself with food! Many of us choose to reward ourselves with small treat, experts suggest we should break from this habit, a relaxing massage, an hour with a good book, or treat yourself to a movie. These reward will be less destructive to your well being.
  • Low glycemic foods are your friends! Educate yourself on which foods have low glycemic levels all berries, apples, apricots, and grapefruits are low in the glycemic index and indulging in these fruits will satisfy your sweet tooth without triggering your sugar addiction.
  • Remember there is no such thing as “Just One”: We always seem to think that we can stop ourselves at just one mini Mars bar, or one chocolate chip cookie, but such is never the case.  Even one piece of candy will trigger your addiction and undo all of your hard work.   Just one piece will start the vicious cycle all over.
  • Don’t keep any sugary treats in your house. If it is not easily accessible you will not be tempted.  This part is hard particularly if you live with others, my kids don’t understand why they should be the ones suffer just because I made a decision to stop eating sugar.  They whine about how their friends are allowed to eat all the sugar they want.  The reality is no one should be eating sugar, and I remind them they will be thanking me when they are older and don’t have type two diabetes ….just like their friends.
  • Keep Hydrated! Studies have shown that the sluggish feeling experienced at various moments throughout your day is not because your body is craving a little sugary pick me up, it’s craving WATER! Whenever you begin to feel tired or dizzy drink a glass or two of water, your body will thank you!

Good Luck and Be Well

Oasis Movement

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