Life After Rehab and The Value of a Clothing Drive



Addiction is a mulitfaceted condition; one that has personal, physical, emotional, famlial, and social consequences.  The addict’s familiy and friends (if they are lucky) or the court system (if they are not) encourage or push them into a 40 day treatment facility in order to help them get healthy and hopefully, kick their dangerous habbit.  The treatment centre provides a highly controlled and monitored envrionment which is critical to the recovery process and, after forty days of sobriety the person is pushed out into the world much like a newborn and left to fend for themselves.  Would we do this to a newborn?  Of course not! So why do we do it to recovering alcoholics and addicts?  What is the plan for after they leave rehab? Where will they live?– Many of these people have lost whatever shelter they have?  Do they still have gainful employmet?– Probably not.  Where do they go from here?

The ability to create a viable life for themselves while staying clean and sober is where the real work begins. The founder’s at Oasis have created a safe, welcoming environment where anyone could go to relax, socialize and upgrade or learn the skills they need to secure meaningful employment. According to the founders “meaningful work [is] a key element in rebuilding individual pride, the human spirit and the will to succeed – to find a better life”

Oasis programs include:

1). Employment Essentials Program: This is a six week program was created for those individuals who have successfully completed 30 days of sobriety. During their 6 weeks the participant will have on going one on one sessions with a counselor, specialized assessment designed to help them decide their career and education path; life skills workshop; career goal and job search skills; digital literacy and computer skills. Once the participant has completed this program they have further access to a series of post program support activities.

2.) Ontario Disability Support Program (Job Placement/Retention), focusing on those recovering from drug or alcohol addiction and who also suffer from disabilities and cannot find employment or are under-employed as a result. Participants are retrained and are given support in resume preparation, interviewing and networking skills.

3.) Employment Preparation Program, which offers various workshops as well as one on one training on job objectives, resumes, job searching techniques , and networking.

The founder’ themselves are former alcoholics and have been in recovery for years, and their dedication and noble work through the Society has been recognized by the city of Toronto. Their ability to remain sober and lead meaningful lives have made them stellar examples for everyone who is living with recovery. Oasis recognizes and acknowledges the former addicts and alcoholics constant struggle to transform and change; their programs help individuals mentally break from their past and acknowledge and accept the newly transformed individuals they have become.

Each Holiday Season the Oasis Clothing Bank and our community businesses challenge thier staff and customers to Build a Mountain of Clothing and, each year the mountains are getting  bigger and bigger.  If you or your company are looking for a real way to help your community why not host clothing drive? or perhaps issue a challenge to your competitors on social media?  Your support will directly improve someone’s life in the city you live.

Call us at 416 751 0553 or go to to BUILD YOUR MOUNTAIN OF CLOTHING

Be Well

Oasis Movement



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