Vibes and Tribes


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We have all, at one time or another come across the phrase “Your vibe attracts your tribe”, which essentially means whatever attitude or emotion you put out to the world this is what you are going to attract in return; a positive, happy and productive attitude will attract like minded and disposed individuals. However, for someone in recovery not only does “your vibe attract your tribe” but your tribe definitely impacts your vibe, and the people you surround and aquaint yourself with in your new sober life will go a long way to ensure success.
Human beings by nature are social creatures (at least a large majority of us are) and this social interaction has a great influence on how we live our lives. Studies have shown that positive social support decreases one’s risk for relapse while negative social support increases this risk. In general, all of our social support systems are comprised of four basic elements; the first of which is physical support. No, this does not mean someone who is there to give you a hug when you need it (although this too is necessary), rather it refers to those people or even organizations which helps  financially and materially. The Oasis Addiction and Recovery Society AND the Oasis Clothing Bank, are an example of physical support, we help those in recovery with the tangible means (clothing, small houseware, employment training etc.) to sustain their sobriety. The second element is emotional support, this is exactly as it sounds, these are family and friends who are there to listen, encourage and remind them that challenging moments will pass as they must. The third is informational support, this comes in the form of a sponsor, group meetings, and rehab programs – Oasis also qualifies here. Whenever the emotional support is not enough and one needs solid information about a decision they must make, informational emotional support is critical. The fourth and final element is feedback  support, this is a critical component, because it touches on what people think about us. When our actions and deeds are positively accepted and acknowledge we want to continue acting this way in order to sustain this positive feedback. When someone in recovery gains positive feedback on new healthy behaviours they will go to considerable measure to ensure this feedback persists. People in your tribe can fall into one or multiple elements- like the Oasis Movement.
When we surround ourselves with a positive, healthy and supportive tribe we cannot help but emote a positive vibe!
Be Well
Oasis Movement



Positive Social Support

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