Conspicuous Consumption and the Evolution of Closets

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I went to a house warming this past weekend, our friends bought a cute little bungalow in the city, circa early 1900’s.  While my friend is thrilled with her new home and how close she is to the downtown core one thing she is unhappy with is lack of closet space, and the closets she does have are so small they she can barely store her summer wardrobe let alone her more bulky winter clothing.  The next day when we reflected upon the evening I thought back to the bungalow my family owned and I distinctly remember that my own closet was very much like my friend’s and I have to admit, it was enough, me nor family possessed the volume of clothing required to fill even these small closets.   Fast forward to today and architects dedicate huge amounts of space to closets, in some extreme instances they are their…

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