Spring Cleaning Your Home… And Your Soul!


Soon we will say good by to March and welcome  April with its “showers to bring us May flowers”, and while we are stuck inside waiting for the showers to pass and anticipating springtime blooms, we at the Oasis Movement suggest you spend this time purging your closets, drawers, cupboards and…. your souls!
There is something about the spring season which makes us want to start fresh, hence the term “spring cleaning”, but when we purge our homes, workplaces etc, we are not only purging our physical space but we also experience a purging of our soul. The word “purge” means to get rid of something unwanted; the moment we begin to throw away all the unwanted clutter which surrounds us, we instantly begin to feel a lightening in our minds, in our souls. As the activity progresses, this lightening increases and, when we haul the last bag of garbage from our house we feel clean, whole fresh, ready to face the new season—physically, mentally and spiritually.
While to most purging is an unwelcomed taske we recomend you use the Three Pile Method:
• Plie #1 Garbage and Recycling: This pile is for things which are no longer of any use to you, your family or anyone else. Make sure you separate the garbage from the recyclables and if you are disposing of any electronics, computers or hazardous materials ensure you do so responsibly.
• Pile #2 Clothing, Household Items etc: These are items which are in good condition but have outlived their use in your household. The Oasis Clothing Bank is more than happy to take pile number two off your hands (see below for contact info).
• Pile#3 Seasonal/Sentimental Items: These are items that you don’t need in your home all year round a.k.a seasonal items, and those items you are holding onto to because of personal and sentimental reasons
By the time you have systematically gone through all the rooms in your home you will find that this third pile has become quite large. At this point some of you will store pile number three in boxes and or bags and stash them away in your furnace room, or garage. If however, you are like most urban dwellers and space is a precious commodity, pile three will end up in an off-site storage facility. We suggest when storing your seasonal and personal items that each box is clearly labeled if not itemized and, that you store the lesser needed boxes towards the back of your unit.
Once you begin to feel the lightness in your soul, go one step first further by choosing to donate Pile #2 to the Oasis Clothing Bank, which directly benefits the efforts and the programs of the renown Oasis Addiction and Recovery Society. Your gently used clothing and small housewares will help someone in recovery on the path to reclaiming their rightful place in society.
The Oasis Clothing Bank offers free home pick up in the Greater Toronto Area as well as strategically place clothing bins throughout the GTA. Please call our offices at 416 751 0553 to schedule your free pick up or go to http://www.clothingbank.ca for a bin nearest you.
Happy Purging Everyone
Oasis Movement

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