The Little Clothing Drive that Grew!

Oasis Addiction Recovery Society

Oasis WCC

‘TIS THE SEASON FOR GIVING!!! We live in a city which is home to many wonderful and worthwhile charitable organizations, and with so many choices we are honored and humbled that so many of you have chosen the Oasis Movment for this seasons giving.   The list of of businesses and organizations participating in what has now become our annual Christmas Clothing Drive has grown ten fold since its inception a few years ago.  A mulitude of beautifully festive clothing boxes have been lovingly placed in lobbies, reception areas and common rooms thought out the GTA and,  are packed to overflowing with your generous donations.  These boxes are maintained and emptied regularly by our Oasis drivers. Your clothing donations are brought back to the Oasis Clothing Bank warehouse at 60 Carnforth Dr. (Victoria Park and Lawrence Ave.) where they are sorted and given to our members in an effort to help…

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