Christmas Blues No More



We are entering the most busiest and festive season of the year.   While these days are meant to be joyous, they can also be quite stressful due to the influx of demands made upon our time, and finances; add into the mix the shorter days, depression more often than not can take hold and what results is referred to the Christmas Blues.   Most of us can usually overcome this melancholy, but for those of us who have difficulty coping, we have come up with some strategies to help you beat the Christmas Blues.

  • For many exercise is one of, if not the best way to deal with depression of any kind.  Physical activity results in the release of endorphins which instantaneously boost ones mood.  The trick is to create a routine, you may be tempted to skip a session, instead focus on how good you feel after your workout.
  • Giving Back: Many of us lose sight of what this season is about, helping those who are not as fortunate as ourselves.  Donating your time delivering care packages, or donating a meal to a needy family is not only charitable but you experience what is commonly known as the “helper high”.   Just like exercising, the act of giving releases the feel good drug oxytocin into your system.
  • Sleep: In general lack of sleep makes you irritable, and irrational.  After a restful night’s sleep things seem more doable and the stressors of the season will seem less challenging.
  • Just Say NO: When we become overwhelmed by party invitations just say NO.  Keep in mind, most things in this life are a choice and we can choose to make our lives easier by saying no once in a while and not allowing yourself to feel guilty.
  • Diet and Routine: The holiday season is a time when most of us indulge and go off your diets.  Overeating leads to physical discomfort as well as a mental fogginess.  Try to keep you portions reasonable, and keep drinking water, this practise will help you make it through the season relatively unscathed.


We hope our tips give you an edge to surviving this holiday season.  Our Christmas Clothing Drive is on and will run until the end of January.  Please help us by visiting our site for your closest Oasis Clothing Bin.


Be Well

Oasis Movement






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