Betty Skoutakis: A Tribute.


OasisSketchleyOn December 1st we launched our annual Christmas Clothing Drive with our long-time partner and supporter Sketchley Cleaners.  Each year the folks at Sketchley’s place our clothing boxes in their various locations throughout the GTA, collecting gently used clothing to benefit the Oasis Addiction and Recovery Society.     In spirit of the giving season, we have decided to dedicate this week’s blog to the President of Sketchley Cleaners, the incomparable Ms.  Betty Skoutakis.  Ms. Skoutakis began her career path in the garment cleaning industry in 1993 by purchasing a Metro Cleaners; her vision, coupled with a resolute belief in herself have made her  the owner of eighty plus Sketchley Cleaners locations in the greater Toronto area.  Betty’s does not limit her vision to her business, but rather willingly projects it out toward her community, participating and donating her time and services to a multitude of community programs.  In our case, Sketchley Cleaners donates clothing regularly throughout the year, not only during our Christmas drive.  Betty takes every opportunity to inform and educate her customers, colleagues and friends about the Oasis Addiction and Recovery Society without ever mentioning her generosity.   Each spring, Betty participates in our spring Earth Day Clothing Drive because Sketchely’s is committed to leading the garment industry in minimizing and eliminating their impact on the environment.   Betty also donates her dry cleaning services to the Durham Regional Police community project Gowns for Girls, an initiative launched to help girls and their families with the costly price of spring prom.

At this point in the blog it would have been nice to have a poignant quote from Betty, but we don’t have one because she has no idea we are dedicating this week’s blog to all of her good works.  If she had known what we had in mind, she would have protested—vehemently.  Ms. Skoutakis prefers to fly under the radar, she is one of those few people who truly gain great joy in the act of giving and have no need for any kind of recognition.

Today Ms. Skoutakis we at the Oasis Movement want to everyone to know about all you do for our community and for those less fortunate than yourself.   Someone once said “It’s good to be blessed. It’s better to be a blessing”, you Betty are our blessing.

Go to for a list of locations participating in our Christmas Clothing Drive.

Be Well

Oasis Movement

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