How To Let Go… Of Our Stuff!!!




Anastasia E. Tsouroupakis

We live in a throwaway society where nothing lasts half as long as it used to, and whatever is thrown away or lost can be just as quickly replaced with a better more improved version. Despite this however, most of us find it difficult to part with our things and for some of us this inability can develop into a pathological disorder also known as hoarding.   While this disorder is tragic and if left untreated can seriously affect one’s quality of life, the problem for most of us is motivation.  It’s undisputable that cleaning and purging your living and workspace is mentally and emotionally cathartic and liberating.  A clean and organized space is a peaceful and restful space.

How to start?  Come the weekend or our day off we loftily proclaim that we are going to use this day to clean out our closets, empty our cupboards and clean out the garage.  Unfortunately more often than not,  what really happens is you look around become desperately overwhelmed grab your car keys and  call a friend to go for coffee, putting off your decluttering  purging until another day.  This need not be the case, if you were to just say to yourself “I am just going to do 10 minutes of decluttering or closet purging’, and just like exercising, this will lead to 20 and then to 30 and before you know it you have four bags of clothing to be donated and you can see the surfaces of your end tables for the first time in six months!

In addition to procrastinating, we are often conflicted with what to throw away, or what clothing to give away.   My dad never throws anything away, I suppose it’s because he grew up in a generation when they didn’t have much and, what they did have they valued. Unfortunately this is no longer the case, and as a result my dad has kept everything based on the theory that one day it will be of use.  Last spring when I was poking around in his garage I happened upon the metal key I used to adjust my rollerblades…   when I was ELEVEN.  I am now far, far, from eleven years old, and I don’t think I’m being irrational when I say that I live by the rule “If I haven’t used it in a year I never will”.   As you continue to clean out your kitchen drawers, cupboards, toy boxes, bookcases etc., I will admit there are certain things that can be difficult to throw away, certain items that may remind you of a loved who is gone, or a memory of your childhood, but then there are also those items you are holding onto because you feel bad and wasteful by throwing them away (my dad definitely falls into this category).  There is absolutely nothing wrong with keeping a few keepsakes, however when those keepsakes are taking over your living space it’s time to sit down and decide what can stay and what needs to go and,\; if  you are holding onto something  because you feel bad throwing it away get over it and toss it.

Closets pose their own unique challenge, and for some is the source of great organizational anxiety.  Experts agree that you should begin by going through your closets and dresser drawers removing all the clothing that you haven’t worn during its season. If you haven’t worn that red sweater at all during this winter season there is no point in storing it, or keeping it so that you can NOT wear it again the following winter.  Another tip is get rid of the clothing that not only doesn’t fit you physically but more importantly, no longer fits your lifestyle.  Our clothing should reflect who we are NOW in this moment and not who we once were.

While decluttering, organizing and purging is not on the top of anyone’s list of fun things to do, it cannot be denied that once the task is complete you will feel emotionally and mentally cleansed.

Best of Luck

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