No More Pill Popping!

No More Pill Popping!

By: Anastasia E. Tsouroupakis

For Oasis Clothing Bank

Many of us are looking towards alternative methods to deal with chronic pain, whether it’s because we don’t want to create a dependence or we are a recovering addict who has no choice but to turn to an alternative therapy; alternative pain relief is big.  Last week we asked all of our followers on various social media sites to let us know if they used alternative pain therapy and if so, in what form.  The response from all of you was overwhelming, the following are the top ten (in no particular order) most popular alternative pain relief practises.

  1. Acupuncture:  This treatment has been used in conjunction with traditional pain treatment, and has been traced back 2000 years to its use in China.  The practise requires the insertion of super slim needles into the top layer of the skin at certain key points on the twelve meridian points of the body.   Studies have proven the practise to be very beneficial.
  2. Aromatherapy:  This is the use of essential plant oils applied to the skin or  inhaled to induced a calm and relaxed state.  This practise has been found to have been used in almost every ancient civilization, from the Chinese to the Greeks.  Essential plant oils such as wintergreen, spruce and lavender have been known to help sufferers of rheumatoid arthritis, headaches and chronic pain.
  3. Chiropractic Therapy:  Like acupuncture,  this is also used in conjunction with traditional pain relief methods to treat lower back pain, neck pain, carpal tunnel, and headache and spine injuries.  Practitioners make adjustments to the spine to help realign the body which then promotes the body’s own self-healing.
  4. Hypnotherapy:  this promotes relaxation which in turn helps the practitioner gain control over the awareness of their pain When this is accomplished it will reduce “the need for pain medication by decreasing the anxiety that is typically associated with pain”.
  5. Massage Therapy:   Deep tissue massage influences the muscles, circulation, lymph and nervous system and is highly beneficial to patients with lower back pain.
  6. Relaxation Therapy:  The effects of our stressful lifestyles have been proven to wreak havoc on our physical well-being and may even be the cause of disease.  When we are stressed our bodies respond by elevating our blood pressure and heart rates, our bodies stay in a constant tense state straining our muscles and skeletal system. Meditation is used to counteract the negative effects of stress thus helping to reduce pain and help the practitioner deal with the anxiety associated with pain.
  7. Tai Chi:  Many practise this “moving meditation” to help them deal with both the mental and emotional stress and help relieve their chronic pain.
  8. Crystal healing: This practise is used largely in Asian cultures and is believed that crystals and other natural stones are used to help cure a variety of ailments including chronic pain.   The thinking behind this is the crystals act as conduits which allows positive, healing energy to flow into the body as the negative pain causing energy flows out. Amethyst, turquoise and rose quartz are particularly noted by practitioners for their healing properties.
  9. Herbal Remedies:   There are many natural herbs and supplements that when consumed daily help decrease inflammation in the body which in turn helps lessen pain.  Omega-3 fish oils and turmeric are widely used for this purpose.
  10. Yoga:  This ranked as the most popular method by our followers,  to help relieve chronic pain.  This ancient mind-body discipline not only promotes relaxation but after two months of practise, people suffering from lower back and joint pain and, symptoms of depression reported significant relief.

While the medical community has confirmed that most of the above mentioned practices work well WITH traditional medicine, there are practises however which they categorically denounce.  For instance, crystal healing is widely denounced by the medical community as there is no scientific evidence to suggests crystal healing is effective in alleviating pain, and is commonly referred to as a pseudoscience.

We would like to thank everyone who took the time to message us with their pain remedies.  We are also happy to report that those of you who participated in our (highly unscientific) survey opted for alternative pain therapy (mostly yoga, acupuncture, chiropractic and massage therapy) to deal with chronic pain instead of traditional medicine.  This result is encouraging, particularly if your or a family member has had addiction issues in the past and are hesitant to turn to prescription painkillers.  Alternatives such as acupuncture, massage therapy and yoga when practised conscientiously can relieve chronic pain symptoms.  We strongly suggest you seek your physician’s approval before embarking on any treatment therapy.


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