Who we are – The Oasis Addiction Recovery Society

“Life is good, thank you Oasis”

Individuals come to recovery with one common goal – a desire to change their lives. With guidance from people who have experienced recovery, these individuals are able to choose programs offered through the Oasis Addiction Recovery Society that will best support this change. Involvement in activities that improve their physical strength and emotional balance as well as job skills training, employment preparation and job placement provide the opportunity to reintegrate back into society and into the workforce for many.

The Oasis Addiction Recovery Society support model incorporates social integration, job skills training, employment focused services, 12-step support and community involvement as a means to sustainable addiction recovery. In 1992, the Oasis movement was formed by a group of recovering individuals as a place for people in recovery to find support in the 12-step community. Today, our doors welcome over 1000 recovering addicts yearly!

Oasis Clothing BankA helping hand on the road to recovery. With your generous donations of gently used clothing, small housewares, small electrical appliances, the Oasis Clothing Bank supports the recovery programs. You will find our clothing bins located around the city. We like to think of it as recycling with heart, as it helps not only the Oasis movement, but also cuts down on landfill use.

Together we can enrich lives and improve communities everywhere.


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